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World of Tanks

As part of the 'Tank Team' I am responsible for the creation and integration of tanks through our pipeline. I was motivated to find areas where our pipeline could be more efficient, leading to writing up documents and tutorials. Working with our Tech Artist(s), some of the areas I addressed became a viable solution to improve the efficiency overall as a team.

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XY Oscilloscope

[WIP] An XY visualizer and data exporter for drawing shapes in XY mode of an oscilloscope. Made in Unity3d.

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Mannequin WebGL

Fully poseable mannequin for artists created using Unity3d targeted for WebGL platform.

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Cat Dectector

Scripted in Python using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV the Cat Motion Detector is a basic tracking system used to keep tabs on cat activity while remote.

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A light-weight management tool using Python, Pyside, and HTML. With Google's Web Services data can be created or read into WorkBench to display accurate information across multiple platforms.

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Landscape Generator

A procedural generation system for 3dsMax to create limitless variations of landscapes at the click of a button. User has the option to predefine size and style of landscape.

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Polycount Tower Tool

Used as a preparation and validation tool for the Sketchfab/Polycount tower community project.

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Rock Generator

A productivity tool to generate rocks in 3dsMax. Allows generation of random rock or generation of custom geometry shapes. Creates a high poly, low poly, and cage mesh for baking.

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Greg's Tools

An aid for artists in 3dsMax by allowing the user to utilize functions that create an effective workflow for asset creation and setup for Unreal Engine 4.

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