AI Assisted Design

A neural network driven solution for web prototyping.


A fully automated process that generates an interactive material viewer for web.


A .Net3.5 and Python27 class library wrapper for Allegorithmic Batchtools.


A lightweight API to bridge Unity3d and Trello for game development issue tracking and exception handling.

User Journey Generator

A prototype of an automated all-in-one experience to ease the burden on creators and clients by maintaining an established workflow and deliverable service.

Rock Generator

A productivity tool to generate rocks in 3dsMax. Allows generation of random rock or generation of custom geometry shapes. Creates a high poly, low poly, and cage mesh for baking.

World of Tanks

As part of the 'Tank Team' I am responsible for the creation and integration of tanks through our pipeline. I was motivated to find areas where our pipeline could be more efficient, leading to writing up documents and tutorials. Working with our Tech Artist(s), some of the areas I addressed became a viable solution to improve the efficiency overall as a team.

GameTextures Conservatory

An environment created to show off a selection of new flora scans.

Arid Landscape

A quick project to see what I could manage to get done with a very short amount of production time.

Landscape Generator

A procedural generation system for 3dsMax to create limitless variations of landscapes at the click of a button. User has the option to predefine size and style of landscape.

XY Oscilloscope

An XY visualizer and data exporter for drawing shapes in XY mode of an oscilloscope. Made in Unity3d.

Cat Dectector

Scripted in Python using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV the Cat Motion Detector is a basic tracking system used to keep tabs on cat activity while remote.