XY Oscilloscope

Unity 5.5 (C#), Python

Windows, WebGL [Compatable Browser]

v0.0.2 [WIP]

An XY visualizer and data exporter for drawing shapes in XY mode of an oscilloscope.

May take a minute to load.

Development goals:

To interpret drawings created by user input and split audio data into two channels to be exported as text and converted using a supplemental Python program to create .wav file(s). These files will be played back on an oscilloscope in XY mode [using an emulated oscilloscope made by Hansi Raber] as a visual check for correct output.

Development history:

v0.0.0 - 12/3/2016:
Created a .CSV to .WAV conversion tool using Python 2.7.

v0.0.1 - 12/4/2016:
Created basic line renderer for visual representation of drawing.
Split X [Time, Red] and Y [Voltage, Green] into separate data sets to prepare for export system in future.
Created visual and audible feedback relative to values being drawn on screen.
Created ability to adjust audio Gain and Frequency using directional inputs via arrow keys.

v0.0.2 - 12/10/2016:
Rewrote audio algorithm using Unity.AudioClip instead of Unity.OnAudioFilterRead to allow audio feedback in WebGL build.
Added additional audio controls as a placeholder for WebGL. Note: Changing pitch is bugged in Unity 5.4+ for WebGL.