Python, HTML, Javascript

Windows, Linux


A light-weight management tool using integrated Google Web Services that allows for read/write data to display accurately across multiple platforms.

Workbench was an introduction to using python and interfacing with external periphrial from the Raspberry Pi. The sole purpose was to create a solution to solve everyday information typically sought at home without digging through multiple applications. Currently Workbench provides Time, Five-day calendar with forecast, and an editable to-do list.

To-Do list allows items to be marked as complete and archived or the option to create new events is readily available. Notable or key items are persistent for that specific day as all-day events. The incorporation of the touch screen allows for quick adjustments without the requirement of unnecessary input devices.

Using Simpleweatherjs, the easy-to-use weather API gives detailed information for the current day catered to location that is provided from the users supplied ZIP code.